Kennedy's 'Cab Hailing' a qualification for senator

Writing in the International Herald Tribune (a NY Times paper),  Albert R. Hunt seriously highlights wannabe New York Senator Caroline B. Kennedy's (D) (husband's name, not to mention husband himself is mysteriously missing) sterling credentials for the job.
She has all the qualities - intellectual curiosity; a friendly, at times pointed, sense of humor; and a deferential manner (she hails her own cabs) - that are the stuff to make a good senator.
Can't you just see Tina Fey's Live from NY Saturday Night Live skit?  "Taxi, taxi.  There are taxis in NY, aren't there kind sir?"

Also can't you see her deferentially joking pointedly with Comedy Central's John Stewart about a proposed government study she plans to write that will improve cab hailing in NY. 
I can't either.