How to steal a senate seat

The Minnesota senate race is being stolen as you read this. Rejected absentee ballots may be counted at discretion of counties. Which ones do you think will find more to count? There is no uniform standard for determining which once rejected absentee ballots should now be counted -- just as with Florida in 2000 (basis for Bush v Gore decision in U S Supreme Court).  My guess is that Minneapolis/St. Paul and Duluth/Iron Range areas will find many new ballots.   Coleman's lead (now 192 votes) may well disappear.

This is looking more and more like the Washington state governor's race in 2004, when Gregoire finally won after new ballots were "found" and added to the mix (by King County officials -- a heavily Democratic county). The Franken team is using Washington state Democrats' playbook and consulting with their lawyers, as John Fund warned would happen.

Powerline has the story. The article includes an account of the role of ACORN secretary of state Ritchie in this affair.