Ho, ho, ho ...Government as Santa Claus

Unwittingly revealing the Democratic Congressional attitude towards the auto bailout--and probably just about any other governmental handout goodie--Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) encouraged her colleagues to vote for it because
"...this is the Christmas season. My goodness, let's take a chance on this. Let's take a chance on this."
Congress as Santa. But even Santa doesn't take chances; he demands to know if the recipients have been naughty or nice.  But violating separation of religion and state, in the spirit of the season, Senator Boxer is willing to shower taxpayer money on an ill thought out, hastily put together plan to beneficiaries who have been more than naughty. 

And--shudder, shudder,--if this auto bail out plan is approved, along with other chancy  "government as Santa" ideas such as Obama's planned multi billion infrastructure boondoggle, much of the money is funneled through governors.  Governor Rod Blagojevich (D-IL) anyone?  Other government officials? Unions? 
Santa comes to town once a year with a limited supply of gifts.  The ongoing bailouts, schemes, giveaways, nationalizations season operates 24/7/365 with no oversight, no profit motive, no restrictions, no accountability and a seemingly endless supply of money. 
No Senator Boxer, season or not, let's not take a chance on this.  Or do it with your money.