Global warming jihadists

The wind chill is about 25 below today in Chicago. It snowed again last night. Perfect timing for a few more articles on the incoming Obama administration and its cast of global warming jihadists.

Some of my friends on the left who are in the science/medical area, have been demanding more reliance on science in making government policy and less on religion. In particular, anger was directed at the Bush Administration and its policy on embryonic stem cell research (the Administration's funding support for efforts in adult and umbilical cord stem cell research are never mentioned, nor the fact that Bush was the first President to provide any federal funding for embryonic stem cell research- with existing stem cell lines).

In my view, the attachment by many on the left and in the environmental movement to the entirely speculative theory of global warming falls into the category of religion, and not science. And it is a fundamentalist religion -- unwilling to consider other explanations, or criticism, and closed off to the possibility that the theory is false. Al Gore, a loser in more ways than one, will have as his legacy, not a Nobel prize, but this new extremism for which he has played the role of the Pied Piper, or L. Ron Hubbard (see below).

Credit to Andrew Bostom for this very clever article on the climate "scientologists."
The new Obama science advisor has been very wrong on things before, and he does not like to hear about it. But he teaches at Harvard,which will impress David Brooks, so he must be smart. As in the Kennedy administration and his advisors who led us into Viet Nam: more of the best and the brightest.

Doug Ross sugests the proper term for these warmists is "climatards."
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