Changing stats on Arctic ice

Arctic sea ice is alleged to be diminishing due to global warming. Want to see a half million square kilometers of Arctic ice disappear overnight? Compare the Nansen sea ice extent charts, from the Norweigian Nansen Environmental & Remote Sensing Center, shown on these two websites:

This one
has a "blink comparator" which alternates between both the original and the revision. It shows an initial extent of about 12.3 million square kilometers changing to 11.8 square kilometers overnight (data values as of December 11, 2008).

is today's Nansen website, which has grown to 11.9 million square kilometers as of December 13, 2008.

The inflection point of the changes to the chart is about September 11, 2008. If the changes are to be believed, it means Nansen had shown inaccurate daily data for three months and has only now gotten around to fixing the data. Either that, or they are fudging the data by reducing sea ice extent to support the Arctic sea ice is melting meme.

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