Caroline Kennedy: the more you know (updated)

I suspect Caroline Kennedy will take herself out of consideration for the Hillary Clinton senate seat in the face of the kind of derision she is encountering. The woman is not in the least an accomplished speaker, as the following YouTube video tabulating her use of "you know" in an interview painfully illustrates.

Maybe she is tougher than I think, but does she have the fire in the belly?

Hat tip: Susan L.

The new site Slow Stagger offers a suggestion to rescue Caroline's quest:

... my advice, short and sweet, is this: she needs to develop a British accent. Maybe a reasonable facsimile, something along the lines of William Buckley or Patrick Moynihan, could cut it, but probably at this point only a full blown Princess Di dialect will be enough to insure recovery. ...

Only one problem:

There's a problem, you're thinking.  How do they -her advisors, her supporters, her handlers- explain this sudden change in Caroline's enunciation.  Frankly, I'm not sure there's time to worry about that now. But I'm off to channel Don Draper and give it a shot. Get back to you.