Blago claimed Obama and he had 'process' established to discuss filling Senate seat

Doug Ross of Director Blue points us to this article from the Chicago Tribune before the election was held.

Governor mum on Obama seat

Gov. Rod Blagojevich on Thursday cited the potential for bad "karma" and avoided discussing potential Senate successors to Barack Obama should the Democratic nominee win the White House, but acknowledged he has a process in mind for making the most important appointment of his career.

"I just don't want to jinx him and I don't like the karma of me thinking that far ahead," Blagojevich said of Obama's prospects in Tuesday's election. The governor added, "We have had some discussions about a process which we'll share ... if all goes well."

What kind of "process" would that be? Would it include plausible deniability via using intermediaries? You know, to avoid that ‘bad karma'.