Blago 1 -- Obama 0

The Chicago Tribune's John Kass, the go to guy on Chicago politics says with the appointment of Burris, Blago thumped Obama and the Senate Democrats:
Tuesday's fiasco could have been avoided. Democrats in the state legislature could have stripped Blagojevich of his appointment powers and imposed a special election. Obama also could have demanded it. But as he has done so often in his career, Obama avoided a confrontation and looked the other way.

Democrats tried to finesse this, and they allowed Blagojevich the opening he needed, to hold that news conference and defy everybody. And so I'm forced to tip my hat to Gov. Dead Meat on this one, for sheer brazenness.

He's no jester. And it takes guts to keep a straight face while Democrats about you are losing theirs.
I think he also signaled Fitzgerald -- It's going to be even harder to find a Chicago jury willing to  convict him now.