An arrest in Alaska

The Palin/Johnston baby is reportedly due tomorrow (Caesarean on an 18 year old?) So the new grandmother to be on the father to be's side gets herself arrested prior to the big event.  This is a little twist on the child or relative of someone prominent--Kennedy (mostly D) of whoever parent springs to mind.

So let's put this in perspective: Ms. Johnston is the mother of Governor Sarah Palin's (R-Alaska) about to be son in law, she does not/did not work on the Palin campaign.  Palin didn't do/doesn't seem to do drugs or drink while in office -- somehow the Kennedy name spring to mind again -- consort illegally with prostitutes a la ex Governor Eliot Spitzer (D-NY) or is not accused of oh say, selling the newly vacant Alaska Senate seat to the highest bidder a la Governor Rod Blagojevich (again D-IL).  And on and on again about the Democrats.

So, if, in the interests of balance, the NY Times decides to add this to the vital slanderous information its crack team of reporters uncovered about Palin last summer (she shoots moose) should she ever decide to run again, this is a slight reminder to the financially vulnerable NY Times that if Ms. Caroline Kennedy (D) graciously accepts the coronation as NY senator there is loads of information on her available in their own backyard. 

But will they, or SNL, act on it?  Nah.