ABC News trivializes Mumbai

So how does ABC News title an online album of nearly 50  graphic photos of the horror that was Mumbai?  

"Messy Aftermath in Mumbai"  

Messy?!  Messy?!  A teen aged boy has a messy room.  (Sorry guys, some of you may be a bit neater.)  Cleaning up after a baby is messy.  Three days of slaughter  with guns and grenades did not conclude with messiness. It concluded in filth, defilement and horror.  

Alliteration aside, stating that Mumbai is now messy implies a few kids tossed some firecrackers in a room as a prank and the room is now full of broken glass, thus trivializing what is being recorded.  

So ABC News, how about Murderous Aftermath in Mumbai?  The pleasant alliterative lilt remains; the four added letters produce not only a more accurate word they prepare the viewer for what is to come.  And that's important too.