A jobs bank for Hollywood?

Hollywood liberals are never reticent when it comes to sanctimonious lecturing of industrial America concerning labor relations.  With the news that apparently out-of-work actors such as Elliot Gould  and Hal Holbrook are eager for the Screen Actors Guild to strike, it seems there is a great opportunity to show solidarity with the auto unions by demanding that television and movie studios institute a UAW-style “Jobs Bankfor unemployed thespians.

Your TV show is being cancelled due to low ratings?  No problem!  Just join the SAG Jobs Bank and receive 95% of your salary until you pick up a new role. Can’t get bit parts locally because the studios are moving production to Canada to save costs?  Just join the jobs bank and have plenty of time to write angry letters-to-the-editor of the LA Times denouncing the “outsourcing of jobs” enabled by NAFTA.
After all, what is good for Detroit has got to be good for Hollywood!
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