Thai government to negotiate with protestors who seized airports

Calling themselves "The People's Alliance for Democracy, hundreds of protesters have jammed Thailand's two international airports stranding thousands while causing a crisis in the shaky government of Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat.

After threatening to use the army to clear the airports, the government now says they will negotiate with the group who have been agitating for Somchai's removal for months :

Thailand's government backed off Friday from its threat to forcibly remove protesters occupying Bangkok's two airports, dashing hopes of a quick resolution to a standoff that has stranded thousands of travelers and tarnished the country's image.

Government spokesman Nattawut Sai-Kau said police would avoid violence and attempt to negotiate with the protesters of the People's Alliance for Democracy, which has been campaigning for months to oust the government.

Police have been instructed to get the protesters out of airports "as soon as possible" in a "peaceful manner," Nattawut told The Associated Press.

"Firstly, the police should open negotiation with the protesters. If they refuse to go, police should do whatever is necessary to open the airports on the basis of nonviolence," he said.

The comments came hours after Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat declared a state of emergency at the Bangkok airports, authorizing police to take back the terminals that signaled an imminent crackdown.

There have been rumors of a military coup flying around Bangkok and it is known that the army is non too pleased with the government's weak response to the crisis which has crippled the Thai economy and stock market.

Many observers think this is not going to end well.