Sudden talk of a McCain win in the press

For a man about to lose there's still talk about winning. If Obama's victory was in the bag, why this?

If McCain wins, he'll be tested by Congress

The biggest obstacle John McCain would have as president will be sitting at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue -- a Congress more Democratic than it is today.

Grand New Party
What If McCain Wins?
Reihan Salam 11.03.08, 12:00 AM ET

A John McCain victory would represent an almost miraculous comeback. But is miraculous the right word? I'm in Austin, Texas, right now, a lefty enclave in the heart of Republican Texas, and I sense that many of my Barack Obama-supporting friends would consider an Obama defeat a sign that America is somehow damned, or at least incorrigibly racist.

November 3, 2008 - 10:16am.  By Hal Brown

I predict McCain will win the electoral college by the votes in one state, and Obama will win the popular vote. Defying all the polls and the pundit's predictions McCain will go to sleep when the returns are in thinking he's the recipient of a miracle from Heaven.

There are other articles and the list is growing, but again, why?  Of course the articles are all negative, everything from racism to Satanic influence are speculated, but the point is, the race isn't over and Zogby and Rasmussen and Gallop haven't changed that.

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