She's Baa-aack!

As predicted by Ed Lasky, Samantha Power, a long time close associate of Barack Obama  has returned to the inner circles of the Obama team , with a role in vetting State Department personnel, policy and operations. 

This new role is ironic, to say the least, since the new Secretary of State , expected to be announced on Monday, is Hillary Clinton, a woman Ms.Power called a "monster" back in March. That characterization by Ms. Power embarrassed  the Obama campaign and Ms. Power resigned from her formal campaign role.   Presumably, Ms Power now  understands the need to be diplomatic in a State Department role, and not fly off the handle making vicious insulting statements,  and so will be a good judge of the people who don't behave as she has.

In any case it is worth recalling why Power was a problematic associate of Barack Obama even before she mouthed off about Clinton. Ms Power is not a friend of Israel.  Will she try to find people for State Department jobs who will balance (undermine?) Ms Clinton, who is viewed as friendlier to  the Jewish state? 

The expected appointment of General  James Jones for National Security Advisor is also viewed as potentially problematic by the pro-Israel community, following his harsh criticism of Israel in a report prepared for Secretary of State Rice on Israeli security forces in the West Bank.  Both Ms Power and General Jones have supported a role for international forces in the West Bank, whether UN or NATO, a concept that is anathema to even  
left of center Israelis.

Does Ms Powers' return, and General Jones imminent appointment suggest that Barack Obama is warming to this concept?

Rich Baehr is Political Correspondent for The American Thinker