Preliminaries for an assault on talk radio?

A Monday New York Times editorial discussed radio ads for "loan-modification companies."  In the process they got in a few jabs at talk radio, and specifically WABC talk radio, which hosts Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin.  It sounds to me like a little preliminary rope-a-dope, with a few soft jabs, to get attention and set us up for a few one-two punches before the liberal hope of a knockout punch.  I'm sure Senators Schumer and Bingaman were pleased to read this over their morning coffee.

The three hosts mentioned above are our conservative leadership by default, as there is a complete and utter vacuum of conservative political voices right now on the national stage. The liberal left would love to take advantage of that by shutting down conservative talk radio. They will do it in nicks and cuts like yesterday's editorial.

J.S. Smith
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