Obama is Hitler? Hold on a Second

There is an observable pattern  to discussions on the Internet. It is called "Godwin's Law."  The rule states:

"As an Internet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one."

While most of the discussions in our threads on American Thinker are intelligent and responsible, I have noticed some name calling of our president-elect. In my opinion this is in bad taste and is coming -- if it should come at all -- too soon.

The left is notorious for arguments ad hominem. When nothing else comes to mind (and nothing else is what usually comes to the minds of those on the left), they call the right: fascists, or racists, or homophobes.

We should not stoop to their level.

Politicians, on the left and on the right, say many different things. They usually say what they think their audience wants to hear.

My congressman, for example, is a so-called "conservative" Republican. He has told his constituents what a bad idea he thinks the trillion-dollar bailout bill was. But he voted for it twice.

He is a politician. His words mean nothing. His votes mean everything.

The situation is the same for Obama. All that we have from Obama so far (on what he will do as president) are words. Most of his words frighten or insult those of us on the right. But until he is president and acts on his words ... they are only words.

It is, of course, right and proper to refer to Obama's record in the past. He was the most liberal senator in the United States Senate. He has consistently cast votes, throughout his short political career, for extremely leftist positions. But it does not necessarily follow that Obama, as president, will govern as a "Marxist" or a "socialist." He could ... but he might not.

I am not saying that we should "give Obama a chance." I am saying that we should wait to tag him and his future administration with specific labels until he directly confirms those labels.

The left called President Bush "Hitler" from day one of his administration. It is not day one of the Obama administration. Surely, we can exhibit better manners than the left.

Most American Thinker readers and commentators understand this point. For the few of you who do not: Be patient. From the look of the makeup of Obama's transition team and his cabinet, we will have plenty of time for invective -- probably starting the day of the inauguration.

Larrey Anderson is submissions editor of American Thinker.

Ethel C. Fenig adds:

Larrey Anderson:  thanks for reminding us that words are so important.
Calling Obama, Bush or anyone with whom you disagree a Hitler trivializes the evil that was Hitler, reducing it to a few bad mistakes or policy decisions, easily reversed.    Hitler and Stalin belong in the same dark category; to add Bush, Obama or anyone disagreeable to this satanic duo (and interestingly, very few of the hitlerites condemn anyone as a Stalinist) tarnishes  the accuser.  And yes, since Ahmadinejad has publicly declared his admiration for Hitler and has similar plans, I do believe he is Hitlerian.