Minnesota senate race raises suspicions in vote counting

No one is saying that the Democrats are trying to steal the Minnesota senate race between GOP incumbent Norm Coleman and Democratic clown Al Franken - yet:

The Coleman camp was in court this morning for the second time in two days (on unrelated issues). On Friday evening, Mr. Knaak said, they received a call saying that 32 absentee ballots had been found in Minneapolis, and that they would be counted. The campaign requested a restraining order this morning, to delay counting until the chain of possession could be verified, but they settled for a statement from a city attorney pledging that the ballots had safely been in an election official’s backseat for the last five days.

Both sides are ready to see the worst.

“We’re just trying to make very sure that no one’s stuffing ballot boxes,” said Mr. Knaak of the Coleman campaign. The campaign has also expressed alarm over voting machine print-outs dated before Nov. 4, and it filed on Thursday for election officials’ data from election night.

But Andy Barr, communications director, called the latest effort a “sneak attack.” He added, “Our objection is that in the middle of the night or early on a Saturday morning, the Coleman campaign is attempting to stop the statewide canvass process.”

Whenever the canvass ends, the actual number probably won’t matter. A margin of less than .5 percent triggers an automatic recount.

This is shaping up more and more like the transparent way the Washington state governor's race was stolen by Democrats in 2006 when hundreds of ballots were suddenly "found" in Democratic King County - many of them coming from people (it was later determined) with unverifiable addresses.

Minnesota is a "clean government" state - except when an election is to be decided by a couple of dozen votes. Then it's the wild, wild, west and anything goes. Expect this thing to be in court even after the recount.

As we know, the Democrats like to keep counting - and keep counting - until by God, enough votes are discovered "in an election official's backseat" or some other place so that the Democrat comes out on top.