Hope and Change when choosing a car - not.

Remember when Obama, played car mechanic - the concerned everyman worrying about paying the high cost of fuel, and green candidate?  Well, that was before the election;  this is now, the week after the election.

Barack Obama has won, his followers are in ecstasy, so no problem with violating campaign promises and themes. 
Let's start with the First Car.  The president-elect's aides are already hard at work on making it fit for a president who won 52% of the vote.

Obama’s presidential ride, dubbed “Cadillac One,” will reportedly be a mammoth, custom-made Cadillac limo built like a GMC truck that sits on 19 -inch wheels. The vehicle will also have 5-inch-thick bulletproof windows, cell phone-jamming gear and blast-proof armor.


But Obama’s vehicle will reportedly be a much beefier version than President Bush’s Cadillac DeVille stretch.
U.S. News and World Report reported that the vehicle shares “the same chassis and tires” as a GMC 2500 series truck, “indicating that it is far heavier than a civilian Cadillac.”


But a standard Cadillac DTS limo, which is a low-level version of Cadillac One, gets just 12 miles per gallon in the city and 18 on the highway and costs $47,000.

Several political and automotive blogs have pointed out the vehicle’s fuel inefficiency, including U.S. News and World Report, which called it “the most monstrous Presidential limousine yet.”

Now all responsible citizens can understand the need for the heavy armor, bulletproof windows and other safety measures and won't complain about these costly but necessary additions. Why, they'll even allow Vice President Elect Joe Biden the same privileges. 

But couldn't the car Obama presently drives, a Ford Escape Hybrid, be modified to meet the responsibilities of his new office?  Remember, he suggested inflating tires for fuel efficiency as one way of combating high fuel prices so certainly a set of properly inflated high wheels would set a great example.   Of course, fuel prices have dropped dramatically in the past week, undoubtedly another magical benefit of his election, but his devotion to fuel efficiency no matter the price would make a powerful statement.