Franken begs for money

As if there aren't enough clowns in Congress...

Al Franken (D) is still trying to joke his way into being the Senator from Minnesota.  But it is not a joke--nor has it ever been.  Despite the deep pockets of George Soro s backing Franken's dubious challenge against incumbent Senator Norman Coleman (R-MN), Franken is now shooting out e mails across the nation giving thanks to other senators who have so generously given him access to their e-mail lists, such as Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL).  Durbin was the senator who complained about lack of privacy to potential terrorists when President George Bush authorized tapping their phones. 
Here is part of Al Franken's pleading e mail sent to Durbin's constituents.
[W]hen it comes to passing President Obama's change agenda, every vote will count.  Every Democratic Senator is one vote closer to universal health care, energy independence, restoring our civil liberties, and ending the war in Iraq. 
With your help, I was able to build a powerful grassroots campaign here in Minnesota -- but my race against Republican Norm Coleman hasn't been decided yet.  Talk about every vote counting: Right now, the margin between us is seven one-thousandths of one percent (.007%)!

We're about to enter a statewide recount, and that means our campaign isn't done yet.  We're keeping the lights on and the headquarters busy, and we're deploying a team of observers across the state to make sure that every vote is counted.

And that means I need just a little more of your help. Can you make a contribution of $100, $50, $20, or whatever you can afford today? (snip)

Well, we need to rally together as this race comes down to the wire, and then some.  This weekend, we trained over 1,500 volunteers to serve as recount observers in precincts across the state.  And when that recount begins this week, every table will have someone from our campaign ensuring that every vote is counted.
Following in the fine Democratic tradition of election corruption, I'm sure Franken will train his acolytes to ensure that every vote is counted--and then counted again if necessary.  And finding new ballots marked just for him in car trunks.  This is called restoring our civil liberties through energy independence.