Did you forget that it's 'world toilet day' today?

If some greenie activists get their way, you will have more reason to remember "world toilet day" in the future. Fond memories of the way things used to be, in fact. Those flushes swooshing away unpleasant and odiferous substances will be a thing of the past.  That's right, flush toilets are on the bulls-eye of greenies. The Herald Sun of Melbourne Australia reports: AS the world celebrates World Toilet Day today, sanitation experts have called for the end of the flushing dunny to save water and provide fertilizer for crops. Leading health advocates have called for the use of "dry" toilets which separate urine from faeces and remove the need to flush. Speaking at the recent World Toilet Summit in Macau, World Toilet Organisation founder Jack Sims said the concept of the flushing toilet was unsustainable. The glorious (if partially apocryphal) legacy of Thomas Crapper, the inventor of the flush toilet who vanquished epidemics that had plagued big...(Read Full Post)