Communist Party Celebrates Democrat Wins

The Communist Party USA is just ecstatic about the election of Barack Obama and the strengthening of Democrat majorities in Congress.  According to the People's Weekly World,

Communist Party USA leaders meeting here Nov. 15-16 celebrated the election of Barack Obama, the nation's first African American president, and of stronger Democratic majorities in Congress...

They adopted a call to action to carry out the election mandate... And they said maintaining the unity of the movement that elected Obama will be vital to making gains. Anything that disrupts that unity is "the worst thing that could happen."

"This is not just a campaign, it is a movement." ...

CPUSA National Chair Sam Webb said, "The people have taken a necessary first step toward a new society." Obama is bringing a "reform agenda in a reform era whose character will be decided in the years ahead," he said. ...

Activists from battleground states emphasized the key role that trade union leaders and rank-and-file union members played there. CPUSA Labor Commission chair Scott Marshall noted the "near-total unity of labor" in backing Obama, saying it bodes well for further labor unity...

"Our program should be strong and decisive. It should call for taking the profits out of basic needs like health care and energy and explore public ownership. At the same time, we should be part of the movement that puts the wind at Obama's back." ...

What is needed to reverse this crisis, he said, "is massive fiscal expansion, large injections of federal money into the economy" to fund public works job programs, extend jobless benefits and food stamps and help Americans hold onto their homes. As immediate priorities, Webb said, "We need to single out jobs and passage of the Employee Free Choice Act, joining with others in the struggle." The EFCA, labor's top priority, will make it easier for workers to join unions....

Fishman cautioned against getting bogged down in disputes over Cabinet appointments.

I encourage you to read the whole thing.

Let's review that communist wish-list again:

  • Massive fiscal expansion.
  • Large injections of federal money into the economy.
  • Extend jobless benefits.
  • Help Americans hold onto their homes.
  • Extend food stamps.
  • The Employee Free Choice Act.
  • Taking the profits out of basic needs like health care and energy and explore public ownership.

By my count, they already have the first four - under President Bush.

But fear not.  Barack Obama is a "mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy" as Joe Biden said.  Only right-wing crazies think there's anything socialist going on.

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