Another exciting edition of "Name that Party"

Name this councilman's political party.  

A Jersey City councilman has reportedly been arrested for urinating on a crowd of concertgoers from the balcony of a Washington D.C. nightclub.
The New York Daily News reports in Sunday's editions that two-term Jersey City councilman Steve Lipski has been charged with simple assault.  

Hint: This incident occurred at a Grateful Dead tribute concert. 

Another hint:  His political party has been wildly rejoicing all week.

Still yet another hint:  When those affiliated with this political party are involved in negative newsworthy behavior, the party is never mentioned.  

Yes, Jersey City Councilman Lipski is a Democrat, a fact not worthy of mention in the account although his political job was noted.  Hmm, wonder why the former?  Oh, right.  He's a Democrat.