An interview with the turkey 'executioner'

To liberals, Brian Tomes is a simple turkey farm hand who just doesn't understand the ways of the world, the ways of television. According to Inside Edition, which conducted the now wildly popular interview with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R) on a turkey farm as the birds were being prepared for the holiday,   

Brian Tomes says he was just doing his job and "things happen." Tomes was going about his gruesome task of slaughtering turkeys as Palin gave a TV interview, talking about her Thanksgiving plans.

The farmhand told INSIDE EDITION he didn't realize he could be seen as Palin was speaking. "I thought they had panned in on her face...I did try and block the process," he says.

But don't mess with Tomes. 

Tomes has worked at the Triple D Turkey Farm in Palin's hometown of Wasilla, Alaska for the past nine years. He says Palin is being unfairly criticized over the video. "The only thing I can say is, 'Don't mess with my Governor!'"

 Inside Edition claims they received many e-mails in support of the Palin interview.

In an e-mail, one INSIDE EDITION viewer said: "It was a turkey farm...of course they butcher them there."

Another said: "Where do you think the turkey you buy at the store comes from?"

Apparently the delicate Palin turkey protesters think they come from the freezer case.  Or they eat tofu turkey.

Whatever.  This is the week of Thanksgiving; time to be all inclusive and celebrate our diversity of food.  And be understanding of those simple people who don't understand the facts of food life--and death.