2008 Presidential Election ends - finally

Two weeks after the election, a close presidential race in Missouri is finally  called for John McCain; he won the Show Me state by a paper thin victory of over 3600 votes or 0.12% margin. 

Obviously President-elect Barack Obama is not worried; his inauguration on January 20, 2009 is not endangered.   Because the polls had the state so close all candidates spent a lot of time and money here; Obama at a highly publicized event at St. Louis' Arch and another less publicized because his mistake--he accepted the Democratic presidential nomination at a home in St. Louis, whoops! Kansas City.  Hey, all of flyover country looks alike.  

In a less publicized, but very successful, election rally, Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin also greeted large, enthusiastic crowds in the state.

The tilt to McCain breaks Missouri's 52 year streak as a bellweather state, accurately voting for the winning candidate.