Women 3, Biden 0

For the third time in a row Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden's thin skin and arrogance have been exposed by a woman.

The first time, Sarah Palin scored an historical gottcha in the vice presidential debate with just five words: "Say it ain't so, Joe!" (Or six words if you use the Joe Biden method of counting words and letters.)

The second time, Orlando's WFTV's Barbara West flushed out Biden's arrogance -- and she flushed Joe Biden. See it here.

The third time Angela Russell of CBS, Channel 3, in Philadelphia, left poor Joe almost speechless. Here is the transcript from

BIDEN: Whoa whoa, slow up here old buddy...you're getting this mixed up here with all due respect. This is apples and oranges.

RUSSELL: Obama talks about spreading the wealth around and everyone does better that way...is that not kind of being a socialist... That's what your accusers are saying here.

BIDEN: No, No, No

RUSSELL: And wouldn't they just pass that on to the consumer?

BIDEN: Absolutely not...absolutely not.

RUSSELL: Well please explain that.

BIDEN: Absolutely not.

Does this seem like vice-presidential timber to you?