William Ayers and Hugo Chavez

Barack Obama's original political sponsor Wiliam Ayers has ties to the Hugo Chavez regime that apparently continue today. Here's how Hugo Chavez advertises Ayers as a member of the directorate of the Miranda International Center, a think tank funded by the Venezuelan government. There is zero doubt he approved of this description of who he is below on the Venezuelan government Web site. I translated it into English for you:

Bill Ayers

William Ayers was the leader of the revolutionary and anti-imperialist group The Weather Underground which initiated armed struggle against the government of the USA during most of the 10 years from inside the empire.

Now, he's a professor of education and executive investigator of the University of Illinois in Chicago.  He's developed courses around the urban reform of schools, problems of capitalist education, and investigation. He is the author or editor of more than 11 books, including a memoir titled Fugitive Days on the struggle against the government of the United States.

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