Why you can't believe everything you see on CNN (Part 4,398)

Lots of Republicans have been in the news recently because of their stated intention to abandon their party and vote for Obama.

Colin Powell has been the most important of these. But recently, Ken Adelman, a Reagan era arms control official, and Scott McClellan - a former Bush confidante who proved to have the loyalty of a Three Toed Sloth - have announced their intention to vote Democratic this year.

Well CNN (who appears to have hurt feelings for being left out of this parade) broadcast a story about their very own GOP switcher; Aaron Wheeler, a self identified "lifelong Republican."

In truth, that's not "entirely" accurate. In fact, it's not very accurate at all. Well, if you insist on asking, the fact is, it's a baldfaced lie:

"My family has been Republican for three generations," he said, but "I knew I had to change and vote Democrat in the first time almost ever."

Wheeler said he was one of about 16 black Republican delegates at the 2004 GOP convention, and was proud to support George W. Bush.

This time, he said, he did not attend the Republican convention -and decided he would go one step further and vote for Democrat Barack Obama.

This story seemed a little suspicious to me, so I decided to do CNN's homework for them. It wasn't too long before I found this story from The Columbus Dispatch, dated September 12, 2007, covering the decision of a local resident to run for Congress. His name? You guessed it, Rev. Aaron Wheeler:

Wheeler, who is black, converted to a Republican about 15 years ago after working on a number of Democratic campaigns in Cleveland and managing the Cleveland office for former U.S. Rep. Louis Stokes, a Democrat. He said he does not support President Bush's Iraq war strategy. If he is nominated, Wheeler said, the likely Democratic candidate, Mary Joy Kilroy, will not be able to tie him to the war or other Bush policies.

Now I don't know about you, but allowing someone who worked on Democratic campaigns in Cleveland as well as being an aide to one of the most liberal House members of the past 50 years (Stokes), to call himself a lifelong Republican would seem to be stretching the truth just a bit, don't you?