The Greatest Compliment

There is a person very close to me who I thought would vote for Barack Obama.  She votes in Missouri, a state that is important in this election.  She once asked, "What's so bad about communism?"  She used the word "corporate" as an epithet, with the same attitude that Karl Marx might use "bourgeois."  She was totally against our military action in Iraq and thought Bush none too bright.  We had political arguments where I lost my cool.

Today she said this in an email: "I also read some of your articles from American Thinker and feel better about voting for McCain."

You don't know how glad I was to hear that.  Not because I want McCain to win or because I helped persuade anyone, but because I learned someone could be persuaded, and for the right reasons.  There is a lot of good stuff in the American Thinker, but I've had fears that we exist largely in a conservative echo chamber.  If truth will out, it must first get out.

Yes, words matter.  Our words matter.  We need to keep making the case - using truth and avoiding rudeness and condescension.  Someone persuadable might just be listening.  The battle of ideas never stops and we can never give up.  Never give up.