The election

As to the inevitable claim of either "racism" or "fraud" or both, the Detroit newspapers reported this week that  98% of eligible voters in Michigan are registered. This simply isn't possible. As to why we have reached such a stunning level of involvement, the papers reported that the new registrations were, surprise, in heavily-Democratic areas.

I know people who still believe that Bush shouldn't have won in 2000 (possible, I guess) and had Ohio stolen from Kerry in 2004, although even Rolling Stone debunked that. As to ACORN or unlikely registration levels elsewhere...not to mention Obama personally threatening tv stations that tun ads he doesn't mention.

By the way, I am not only a lifelong Democrat, I am a former party activist--precinct delegate, state platform committee, county party committee, etc. And I'm voting for McCain. I'd like to tell you that people in certain groups I belong to respond that well, they disagree, but I'm making a choice rational, intelligent, decent people can make. I'd like to report that, but you can just guess what the response actually is.


Alex Bensky (Detroit)