Shocker: Star-Tribune endorses Norm Coleman

There's a good reason why the normally left Minnesota paper endorses the Republican senatorial incumbent. Editorial: Norm Coleman for Senate
Count this newspaper among the Minnesota voices that long for a lessening of partisan polarization and a return to constructive problem-solving in Washington. If demonization of the partisan opposition continues to be the political coin of this realm, effectiveness of American democracy will be diminished.

Independent judgment, exercised on behalf of the best interests of the country....

He showed good judgment most recently when, despite a tide of constituent opposition, he voted to authorize spending $700 billion to inject capital into banks and thaw a credit freeze.

I give the Strib editorial board credit for sanity, sadly necessary thing to compliment. Welcome back and good luck with those jobs.

The ed board cites judgment mostly. Compared to what? Why Al Franken, of course, the man missing in this piece.
I suppose you could call this reticence a bit of tender discretion, an example of "Minnesota nice." When I was a kid in Minnesota long ago, we were endlessly instructed, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

I think the real message will be understood by a lot of Minnesotans: Don't vote for Franken. Remember what it was like having a buffoon as a governor. People will laugh at us.

Hat tip: Jack Kemp (not the politician)