Saturday Night Live Channels American Thinker

Seems as if the players over at Saturday Night live might read American Thinker. This weekend they ran a skit that mentioned the fall of Wachovia, the finance crisis and the roles of Herb and Marion Sandler and George Soros (who they identified as the owner of the Democratic Party).

On September 29th, American Thinker published this article 
about the fall of Wachovia Bank and focused on the source of the problems: the bank's 24 billion dollar purchase of Golden West Financial, a California savings and loans chock full of ultra-risky adjustable rate mortgages. The sale netted the couple who long ran the savings and loan-Herb and Marion Sandler-over two billion dollars.

This windfall has enabled them to join with their ally, George Soros, to fund a vast spectrum of left-wing advocacy groups that have empowered the Democratic party and the candidacy of Barack Obama.

Our friends over at Red State have the video of the skit-which has buried within the dark humor-some unpleasant truths:

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review asked Ed Lasky, the author of the article, to adapt it for their Sunday paper. The article was turned into two columns that were featured in Sundays's opinion pages.

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