Sabotaging GOP rallies

The left is fighting a battle to define Republicans, as exemplified by Sarah Palin (who horrifies them), as a frightening mob, not just unfair to Barack Obama, but a clear and present danger.

Rick Moran defines the 'angry mob' meme, and the double standard at work in media coverage today in a superb AT blog.

We have to take these efforts to discredit us seriously.
Agents provocateurs cannot be ruled out. We know that leftists infiltrate GOP rallies with intent to harm. The sneering left has outed itself on Kos and Mother Jones, by publishing a picture of a leftist infiltrator, who carefully placed herself to be picked up by cameras. The green arrow was added by the lefties.


She apparently had help, too. Check out the sign behind Jon Voight's head. I doubt that one person could hold onto both signs. This was an operation, not a lone prankster. People are being organized to sabotage McCain/Palin rallies.