Political porn: anti-Palin violence as entertainment

A serious sickness infects a part of the American left, which seems to gain satisfaction from violent fantasies about its opponents. A film about the future assassination of President Bush, along with books on the subject for example. Even Sarah Palin, mother of five, seems to provoke violent fantasies.

Watch this professionally produced violent scenario and ask yourself what kind of mind would think this something worthy of the time and effort necessary to find and costume Sarah Palin and Katie Couric doubles, and reproduce the CBS graphics.

While the media worries about crowds at McCain-Palin rallies turning into mobs, even making up stories of threats to Obama, few of the elitists care to take on the violent political porn such as the product of Mr. Terry Tate, former Reebok pitchman.

There is reason for serious worry over a rise in political violence no matter who wins the election. Those who promote such images are encouraging it. This is the path to chaos.

Hat tip: Michael Geer

Update: Hillbuzz comments:

Violence against women is never funny - can you imagine the hue and cry if a video like this was made featuring Obama?

But a black man physically assaulting a white woman - that's funny? Where's the cries of RACISM! now? Where's the outrage?

See, that's the thing...as long as something is pro-Obama and anti-McCain/Palin, anything goes.

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