Oliver Stone's W 'won't recoup'

If recent trends continue Hollywood may be looking for a government handout. A surge of liberal style patriotism has gripped the movers and shakers in Hollywood, they have produced movie after movie critical of the war in Iraq. Every one a box office dud. The red ink flowing faster than the blood of Al Qaeda in Iraq as our brave troops hunt them down in every corner of the country.

Hollywood reporters seem perplexed -- why isn't the public interested in Iraq war movies? Could it be the clear majority of Americans who consider themselves conservative -- According to this
article in Newsweek nearly twice as many people call themselves conservatives as liberals (40 percent to 20 percent) -- are tired of seeing America and our armed forces vilified. For proof look at Vantage Point, that little pro-American thriller cost $40m to produce and made $73m here and $78m overseas.

And now we have W. Oliver Stone's vision of the Bush presidency. Nikki Finke
reports on the latest egg laid by Hollywood:

There's been tremendous interest by the public in the box office fate of Oliver Stone's W. for its second weekend in release. Well, it ran out of steam. QED International/Lionsgate's Bush biopic sank 58% to No. 7 with a $5.3M weekend from 2,050 dates and new cume of $18.7M. The $30M negative cost film should end up with $23M domestic box office gross by the end of its North American run. That means, with a $25M P&A investment and Lionsgate's distribution fees, the film won't recoup.

For your amusement here is a list of the other Hollywood failures and their final box office takes:

In the Valley of Elah (2007) - $6.8 million
Redacted (2007) - $.06 million.
Rendition (2007) - $9.7 million.
Lions for Lambs (2007) - $15 million.
Home of the Brave (2006) - $.04 million.
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