'Obama Love' Still reigns on networks

This will surprise no one - which is why it is an absolute travesty:

Numbers tell all: 61 percent of the stories that appeared on the networks between Aug. 23 and Sept. 30 were positive toward the Democratic Party. In contrast, just 39 percent of the stories covering Republicans were favorable.

"After a brief flirtation with Sarah Palin, the broadcast networks have returned to their first love: Barack Obama," said Robert Lichter, the center's president.

"John McCain has not been so lucky. He's gotten bad coverage from the beginning. It has never varied from that," Mr. Lichter added.

Fox News Channel, which was included in the study to provide parity, cut the Republicans some slack. Overall, 44 percent of the Republican coverage included in the half-hour news portion of the nightly "Special Report with Brit Hume" was positive, compared with 25 percent favorable coverage for the Democrats. Mr. Obama was favored in only 28 percent of the stories. Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. garnered 18 percent positive coverage. Thirty-eight percent of the stories about Mr. McCain were positive.

And Mrs. Palin, the Alaska governor and Republican vice-presidential nominee? Comparatively speaking, she was a Fox favorite, with half the stories about her positive.

The study revealed a rare and potentially laudable trend at NBC, ABC and CBS, which could benefit voters as Election Day looms. Stories on all three networks were more attuned to real "substance" and issues, rather than the political horse race, tactics and strategy.

Yeah...substance like "The financial meltdown is all the GOP's fault" or "Let's examine Barack Obama's scintillating plan for the economy and John McCain's turkey."

An exaggeration of course. But not by much. The question is, with the networks beclowning themselves by being so slavishly devoted to Obama, can their credibility numbers sink any lower? Or are they already at rock bottom?

Hat Tip: Ed Lasky

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