Obama in Vogue

The Vogue fashionistas are all slicked up for Senator Barack Obama.  Gracing the cover of this month's Men's Vogue, is none other than the Democratic presidential nominee seated in his private plane, attired in crisp shirt and power tie, looking up from an undoubtedly important paper, straight at you. To the right of the picture is the tease of what is inside:

"THRILL RIDE Stowing Away on O-force One." 

But Men's Vogue is balanced--in its own way.  Underneath is the headline of another article, "TORTURED HERO What Really Happened to McCain in Vietnam."

But our tortured hero doesn't share a power cover picture with Obama.   Over at their sister publication, just known as Vogue, is another cover Obama tease but without a picture. "THE OBAMAS' SECRET WEAPON (Hint: She's Not Oprah)." 

Inside is a laudatory article on Obama's chief of staff, Valerie Jarrett, another powerful behind the scenes Chicagoan.    If McCain has a secret weapon, or even exists, Vogue doesn't say.