New McCain ad asks Americans to 'fight'


Ed Morrissey at Hot Air has the new Republican ad that puts John McCain 4-square behind conservative economic principles.


This is the key part:

Telling us paying higher taxes is "patriotic"?

And saying we need to "spread the wealth around"?

They refuse common sense solutions for energy independence. So every day we send billions to the Middle East.

We need a new direction and I have a plan. Your savings. We'll rebuild them. Your investments. They'll grow again. Energy. We'll drill here and we'll create a renewable energy economy. Lower taxes and less spending will protect your job and create new ones.

It's John McCain, looking straight into the camera, and letting Obama and the Democrats have it in a way that highlights the differences between the two candidates. It's pretty effective in my opinion. Ed agrees:

The economic message works.  McCain obviously wants to ride the "spread the wealth" redistributionism of Obama all the way to the finish line, using Obama's populism against him.  Could Joe the Plumber be the Poland of this campaign?  It just might.  The visceral reaction of Joe the Plumber to Obama's bald redistributionist intentions may have finally highlighted the fact of Obama's doctrinaire liberal policy.  In a time of great economic insecurity, voters are paying close attention to these issues.

Indeed they are. Obama has been trying to hide his re-distributive program behind a veil of soothing platitudes and "feel good" rhetoric. But what he is proposing is a drastic change in how the American economy works and how the government affects the lives of ordinary people.

This has always been the way to power for the left; dishonesty in promoting their program, making it sound centrist when in actuality it skews far to the left. The know they could never win - could never come close - if the contest was between their ideas and the ideas espoused by almost anyone to their right. Hence, the smokescreen and, when necessary, the Big Lie.

McCain seeks to out the left and Obama with this ad. Let's hope it gets a little traction.