More Gore Sham Shock and Awe

Any guesses where Al Gore points the blame for the June floods and tornadoes that ravaged Iowa?  Yep!

As reported by the
Des Moines Register, the world's most famous Chicken Little told attendees of a Saturday night Democrat fundraiser in that city that the devastating floods were due "to man-made emissions causing more water to evaporate from oceans, increasing average humidity worldwide."   He went on say that:

"In 66 of your 99 counties, the flood damage was truly historic. No one has ever seen a flood like this."


Then he pulled one of his favorite lies from his quiver -- that global warming causes more and stronger tornadoes, "including the one that leveled much of Parkersburg earlier this year," adding that:

"Yes, we've always had tornadoes in Iowa and in Tennessee.  But they're coming more frequently and they're stronger."

Wrong again.

The following day, meteorologist and climate-alarm debunker extraordinaire Anthony Watts dissected the scientific ineptitude of our favorite greenhouse gasbag's capricious connections, and concluded that Gore demonstrates he doesn't understand basic meteorology, much less climate.  While many climatologists have deflated the bogus extreme-weather/man-made-warming link, those interested in the science rather than Gore's hooey should take a trip over to Watts' site and check out his trademark technical yet easily-understandable analysis. 

Meanwhile, we'll focus here on the Goracle's abhorrence.

Once again, the charlatan-in-chief has proven himself to be a shameless opportunist who'll exploit human suffering to any extent necessary to advance his warming globaloney.  You may recall that in May, we gave it to Gore when he also blamed the untold death (over 150,000) and destruction (over 10 Billion USD) attributed to Cyclone Nargis on mankind's greed-driven Carbon pollution (See Gore's Myanmar Words as Inopportune as they were Repulsive).

Now, grossly exaggerating both climate change's impact (rising sea levels, species extinctions, etc.) and manmade greenhouse gases as its cause is, itself, despicable. But this ghoulish tendency to exploit the dead and devastated -- particularly with facts of arbitrary meteorological merit -- appears contrary to the mission of a self-proclaimed planet savior.  Nevertheless, faced with recent global cooling and an economic crisis relegating warming alarmism to the world's back burner, Gore and his fellow alarmists are desperate to remain relevant and thereby fat with speaking engagement fees, scientific grants, carbon trading schemes and all the other spoils normally bestowed upon knights in green shining armor.

Gore explained how this is best accomplished during a May 2006 interview with Grist.  When asked whether people should be motivated to take action against global warming by means of scare tactics or of hope, he replied:  [my emphasis]

"Nobody is interested in solutions if they don't think there's a problem. Given that starting point, I believe it is appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience to listen to what the solutions are, and how hopeful it is that we are going to solve this crisis."

And they gave this imposter the Nobel Peace Prize.  Sickening.