McCain, Obama and dependency

According to Rasmussen, half of all voters believe that the William Ayers issue has harmed the campaign… the McCain campaign.

Many Republicans are asking McCain to strike harder at Obama’s past association with Reverend Wright, but I have a feeling this would be met with a similar yawn from the voting public.

It’s clear that the majority of the voting public doesn’t care about Obama’s past associations with William Ayers or the Reverend Wright. This is a sad truth that those of us on the right need to begin to first understand, and then address: Unfortunately, there’s really no such thing as “anti-American” anymore — there is only a “New Patriotism” — and that’s a movement that seems to be growing in popularity, and it’s going to get us all killed.

So what can be done to make people care more about the inherent dangers in allowing anti-Americans, socialists, Marxists and their lab creations equal or greater access to higher levels of our government? The first thing we need to do is understand why a good deal of the general public doesn’t care about Obama’s connections with Ayers and Wright, not to mention Obama’s own words and writings that suggest full-blown socialist intent.

The creation of a dependency culture was and is no accident. It’s been done to render “regular” people aloof to very real threats, both internal and external, in full knowledge that we’ll be too pre-occupied searching for the government teet-du-jour to pick up on any affronts to our freedom or notice that we’re being robbed blind.

An Obama presidency combined with Democrat majorities in Congress will do nothing but spread a welfare state already gone wild—a welfare state that’s rendered much of the nation incapable of noticing nor caring about threats to our very existence.

The newest form of welfare to be peddled—“universal health care”—will be forced upon us. If we don’t want to be dependent on the government, then by God, the government will make us dependent. Too many people already fall under this umbrella—and, if he’s to be elected, this is where McCain must strike.

If the general public—certainly the average Democrat voter—refuses to believe that Barack Obama’s policies and philosophies present a clear and present danger to America as we know it, then perhaps John McCain could get them on board with this one: An Obama presidency combined with a tax-happy, military-loathing dove majority in Congress might impede the printing and delivery of your next government check.

Barney Frank has already stated that, with Obama as president and a Democrat majority in Congress, the defense budget will be cut by 25% in order to help pay for the pie-in-the-sky slew of new programs, not the least of which is the “free” health care that could be the final nail in America’s financial coffin.

McCain needs to hammer on this issue. Forget Ayers. Forget Wright. McCain needs to state that he considers military and “nuclear deterrence” programs to be the best health care program the government can possibly provide. To get the more vacuous among us, whose entire world consists of what they see reflected in their bathroom mirror, on board, McCain should point out that if the United States is attacked and, heaven forbid, our mailman is killed or the government building where all the checks are printed is destroyed, citizens absolutely will not be getting their next government check, and that includes any that are earmarked for their health care.

This should be the closer to a series of pro-defense McCain ads leading up to election day:

“What good is Head Start, free prescription drugs and well-child exams to a smoldering pile of ashes formerly known as an American family and American government? In a dangerous world, we need a strong military and a strong president — your health care and Social Security checks depend on it.”