Joe the Plumber on GMA (update with video)

If you did not see Diane Sawyer interview Joe the Plumber (7:15 am central), you need to watch it here (below). This guy should be McCain's poster child. He says in one sentence all that is wrong with Obama--basically wanting to punish success--and he articulates it much better than McCain.  That middle class American will not buy class warfare and singling out the "wealthy" for higher tax rates because middle America aspires to be "wealthy" and successful and does not want to be penalized once they achieve their goal. McCain should be running 30 second commercials of Joe saying that from now until election day and nothing else. This is someone middle America can relate to--standing in front of his modest home, with a shaved head. Joe the Plumber was a gift.

Did McCain folks listen to my debate with Ira Foreman of the NJDC, posted on AT? They used my Hoover line that Obama, like Hoover wants to raise taxes and trade barriers in a recession, turning it into a depression. I have never seen this anywhere else.