Happy Halloween! The dead are voting in Florida

Florida--the miracle state, where senior citizens go to retire and live forever. 

Well it is happening, sort of, according
to Florida station WFTV, Channel 9.
VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. -- Thousands of dead Floridians are registered to vote and some in Central Florida had ballots cast in their names long after their deaths.


Channel Nine discovered 1,636 registered voters in Central Florida are dead.
Why the problem--aside from deliberate fraud of course which certainly wouldn't occur in the Sunshine State?

 2002's Help America Vote act, which made it easier to register to vote, also made it more difficult to remove voters from the rolls. But Orange County Election Supervisor Bill Cowles doesn't worry.

"I think the mechanisms are in place. There's enough checks and balances in place," he said.

However, 90 days before the election, voter rolls can't be changed and if the state doesn't tell elections offices a voter has died, that voter can be on the rolls for years.
Perhaps Jimmy Carter and his internationally famed voter monitors can supervise Florida elections and voting around the country.  Then certainly no one would complain about voter fraud again.