Digging dirt on Joe is a bad idea

This afternoon ABC's Charlie Gibson reported on his hourly radio news report the results of his network diggin' dirt on Joe the Plumber.

Gibson reported that Joe has a "lien" for failing to "pay his property tax."  The lead-in, stated by a co-reporter, was "Oh, by the way, Joe..."

Here's a guy who's just an average citizen, approached by a campaigning Obama, who expresses his opinion.  It's his right as a citizen.

Problem is, what Joe said isn't consistent with the ABC party line.  So Joe is now in the crosshairs, and they'll stay on Joe the Plumber in an effort to ruin his life and destroy his credibility.

This is just a taste of the "Thugocracy" that Michael Barone wrote about. 

Criticize Obama and the old big media will work hard to ruin you.  This is extremely dangerous for this democracy.
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