Democrats Play Dirty ... In Idaho!

There isn't a redder state in America than Idaho. All of the major elected officials in the state are Republicans. Republicans control both legislative houses. That hasn't stopped the Democrats from breaking the law.

According to the Idaho GOP:

Idaho Republican Party Chairman Norm Semanko called on Idaho Democrats to apologize for distributing Congressman Bill Sali's personal information to thousands of Idahoans earlier this week.  The Idaho Democrat Party sent a campaign mail piece that included the Social Security numbers for both Congressman and [his wife] Terry Sali, potentially exposing them to fraud and identity theft.

Idaho Democrats, including Walt Minnick, on whose behalf the mailer was sent, have refused to denounce the mailing or the disclosure of personal information.  When questioned about including the private information in the mailer, Idaho Democrat Party Executive Director, Jim Hansen, replied to the Spokesman Review, "Frankly, I didn't think about it."

"I would like to think that the Idaho Democrats inadvertently included Congressman Sali's personal information out of carelessness and incompetence, not spite," said state party Chairman Norm Semanko.  "Regardless, this mailer shows a thoughtless and reckless disregard for Bill and Terry Sali's privacy.  This irresponsible act goes well beyond the boundaries of a decent and spirited political campaign, and the Idaho Republican Party condemns such actions.  This kind of win-at-all-costs campaigning might pass in Barack Obama's Chicago machine, but not here in Idaho.  Walt Minnick and Idaho Democrats owe Congressman Sali's family, and Idaho voters, an apology."

Notice that the first response of the Republicans was not a lawsuit -- the Republican Party Chairman has asked for an apology. Republicans don't bring a knife to a gunfight ... they bring a book of proper etiquette.

The larger point is this: if these kinds of shenanigans are going on in a red state like Idaho -- imagine what is going on in those that are blue.