You Tube pulls a popular anti-Democrat video off the web (updated)

You Tube and Warner Music Group today pulled a highly popular video that very succinctly and clearly spelled out the roots of the current economic crisis.

The 9:59 video entitled "Burning Down the House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis" played four different songs under a fast moving video sequence that very clearly tied Democrats like Chris Dodd, Franklin Raines, Jim Johnson and Barack Obama to policies and corruption related to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It cleverly showed how the "affordable mortgage" programs sent an economic virus through the entire economy and showed Republican efforts to intervene and regulate being blocked.

For Obama and all congressional Democrats, it was a devastating video.

The video had almost a perfect viewer rating and had been viewed some 1.2 million times according to the You Tube counters. Sometime around 3:45 EDT the video disappeared with the banner saying "This Video is no longer available due to a copywrite claim by Warner Music Group."

This sounds to me a lot like another front in this war for the country.

Thomas Lifson adds:

Even though I wonder if Warner is so vigilant about its music being used for videos advantageous to Democrats, there is a perfect right to object to appropriation of intellectual property. Music is a business, and if you use someone's music you have to pay a royalty.

Simply re-post the video minus its music soundtrack, and see what happens. Ot use a soundtrack of music in the public domain. I suggest Vivaldi's Four Seasons, which has a driving beat of its own in various places.

Update: Daniel J. Bianco writes in, poiting out that head of the Warner Music Group's political contributions this year are going exclusively to Democrats.

Update: Several commenters (below) have suggestwed URLs where the video is available.