Who owns our debt?

Detailed information for both "Total Foreign Holdings of U.S. Securities" and "Total Foreign-Held U.S. Debt" is not included in the cited Treasury source table prior to the year 2000.  The analysis shown below would indicate that most of the U.S. "Current Account Deficit" has been recycled into U.S. Treasury, Agency and Corporate Debt with about 10% or so going into equities.  Though that seems to have slipped a bit from 2006 to 2007.  Over the same period of time, there has been an additional $3 trillion or so net foreign investment in non-debt securities.  Decide for yourself whether or not you think "Wall Street" is being rescued with the proposed bailout plan.  Or might it have more to do with the foreign creditors who so graciously financed our economic expansion of the last couple of decades?  Hmmm?  Not exactly chump change, is it?

All figures in millions of dollars:


Current Account Balances: http://www.bea.gov:80/international/xls/table1.xls
Foreign Holdings of U.S. Securities & Debt: http://www.ustreas.gov/tic/shlhistdat.txt

The Accumulated Balance given for 1980 is the algebraic sum of the Current Account Balances for the years 1960 through 1980