Watching the debate in deep blue territory

I saw something interesting a very blue beachfront LA community last night. I signed up for a debate-watching party with a Republican household -- if anything just to see what kind of Republicans would show up to such an event out in bluest Los Angeles. There were about 25 people there and it was really cordial. There were some of the usual suspects you might expect from the region -- military men, East Asians and Boeing engineers, for example. But the most striking thing to me was the PUMA count -- about six of them, all youthful Hillary supporters furious at Obama, including one African American woman from another blue city. They were PR and Hollywood screenwriter types. We were all nice to the PUMAS and told them they were welcome in our party.

The PUMAs told their story and it really surprised me: they said that during the caucuses, their delegates were bullied and cheated by the Axelrod people of the Obama camp and that was enough to steal the election from Hillary. But it also alienated them from the party and drove them to McCain. They were very pleased when Sarah Palin made her first acknowledgement upon nomination to Hillary.

They said that during the primaries, Obama delegates at the Texas caucus (I think) got told to go right in and do the caucus, while Hillary delegates got told to sign on the dotted line and leave. Some knew there was foul play afoot and fought it, but in the end, they were all railroaded by the Obamatons. They have a couple of web sites, and they insisted the election was stolen from them because other primary states with conventional primaries showed Hillary victories and only the caucus states were decisively Obama.

Maybe this is familiar to you but it was an eye opener to me. This PUMA thing may be a bit stronger than I first estimated, due to Obama fraud. I'm really glad the PUMAs said they were comfortable with Sarah. They also said they thought Obama was a trash-talking sexist, aggressive and creepy to Palin -- an undercurrent I detected a couple weeks ago during the lipstick pig thing.

FWIW -- it was a great evening and I laughed hardest when Bambi listened to McCain's intense spiel on Ukraine and utterly dumbfounded, could only say 'I agree with Senator McCain.'

But there were a lot of laughs in this one. Although McCain got a slow start, he got his footing fairly soon into it and I think he won.