The Obama "tell" (updated)

Remember when Hillary took Obama apart in the debate and he then made a speech where it was  claimed he made a very rude gesture in reference to her? Many claimed it was simply an inadvertent positioning of his hand.

Here are two speeches he gave at that time in which he did the same thing. It wasn't inadvertent -- look for the spinning hands "tell"

h/t: LibFree USA

Are we dealing with a man who really has no respect for women and who gets so angry when they best him that he cannot help crude disparaging remarks and gestures aimed at them?


I played the video several times and the audience seemed different and the wording and gestures did not seem identical, but it is possible that I misheard and that the videos are of the same speech taken from different angles. I checked as well as I could and thought the poster was right that there were two speeches. On the other hand I cannot establish that those who say it is one speech taken from different angles are wrong. In that case, I apologize for any error.

In the event , however, there is a clear "tell" before he makes the gesture and you can see he understands how the audience has taken it and that he is enjoying their response. At least that's how I see it.

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