The Loony Left Hemisphere

James Lewis in his September 6th posting, ‘The End of Boomer Weirdness," sent me scrambling to Wikipedia to find the meaning of the term hebephrenic. What I found there led me to this:

A form of schizophrenia in which affective changes are prominent, delusions and hallucinations fleeting and fragmentary, behavior irresponsible and unpredictable, and mannerisms common. The mood is shallow and inappropriate and often accompanied by giggling or self-satisfied, self-absorbed smiling, or by a lofty manner, grimaces, mannerisms, pranks, hypochondriacal complaints, and reiterated phrases.

Upon reading that, the first light bulb that popped on was, Alan Colmes! followed closely by, Ellis Henican and Bob Beckel!" But then with further reflection, I realized that many, if not all, of these diagnostic terms could be applied fairly to far too many of the liberal spokespersons we see on television, in particular the references to self-satisfied, self-absorbed smiling, or by a lofty manner, grimaces. Just think of all the smug, smarter-than-thou, liberal talking heads those words describe: Olbermann, Matthews, those View broads, all through the major networks, ad infinitum. And consider how the self-satisfied smile usually comes at the end of a successful rattling off of a string of memorized DNC talking points. The lofty manner and grimaces accompany the rebuttals from their conservative counterparts.

Think about what you've been watching for the last few years and tell me I'm wrong.

Now he's not one of my favorite talk show hosts because of his bombastic style but, to his credit, Michael Savage has been saying for several years that Liberalism is a mental disorder. I believe I'm beginning to agree with him. Suddenly, expressions like Loons on the Left and Kool Aid Drinkers are beginning to take on new meaning. Lewis, in his AT article cites Polish scientist and author, Count Alfred Korzybski who coined the term unsanity to describe this sort of collective, unhinged behavior by entire segments of society. By the Count's accounting, they may not be certifiably, committably insane but they are definitely operating with far too many screws loose. That's not the Count's medical terminology, by the way, but mine.

When I talk to family members and friends who are readily sucking up Obama's version of Jim Jones' purple, Flavor-Aid cocktails, I am aware that no amount of reasoning is going to sway them from their feelings that Obama is The One. What does provide a ray of hope and sanity is that those truly unsane are still in the minority and suddenly an antidote has arrived for those only minimally afflicted: Sarah Palin.

The Glamorous Gov, possesses an oft-noted, naughty librarian look that conceals an iron-willed political competence that when they get glimpses of it in her public pronouncements is turning the unsane on the left totally insane. Just when Us magazine, with their frothing denunciation of McCain's butt-kickin' BatGirl thinks they have her teetering on the edge of the topmost floor of the New York Times Building, they look down and its their own toes they see tottering feebly on the edge of the abyss. Holy Palony, Pinch!!! What mystical powers are we up against???

And the New York Times, which is the institutional exemplification of full-blown, beyond treatable hebephrenia, is said to have deployed a battalion (or is it a brigade? Libs have problems with math and military terms, you know) of investigative reporters to the Far North to dig up dirt on the Gov which could explain their lack of manpower to send any investigative reporters to Chicago to conduct any sort of professional journalistic probe of the nefarious Daley Machine which has seemingly produced a presidential candidate out of thin air with an even thinner résumé. All of which leaves me to ponder:

Has the whole damned world gone crazy? Nope, just the freakin' Left Hemisphere.