The French and Anti-Semitism

Ah, Paris in the late summer, early fall when people are out strolling in the streets.  And sadly, if they are Jewish, wearing identifiable Jewish items, Moslems attack them.
Three boys suffer facial fractures after being assaulted on street by Muslim group wielding stones, brass knuckles.
And although the Paris police are conducting an investigation and are searching for the assailants
police could not immediately confirm the attack was motivated by anti-Semitism.
Huh?  The Arab and African attackers did not just randomly attack; they specifically targeted Jews.
 However, Interior Minister Michele Alliot-Marie issued a statement saying she "strongly condemned the anti-Semitic violence." 
That's nice.  Words are meaningless; forceful action is required but France, after the riots and violence in Arab neighborhoods over the past few years, is afraid to act. 

For me this is still yet another reason not to visit France. 

Hat tip: David Brochin