Swiftboating McCain? Go ahead, make my day

A new television ad attacking John McCain as unfit for the presidency because of his POW experience once again demonstrates the thick-headedness of the left. The Hill reports

In the ad, Philip Butler says he would not like to see McCain in the White House because of the POW experience and the Arizona senator's temperament.

Butler served alongside Sen. McCain (Ariz.) at the U.S. Naval Academy and later was imprisoned alongside the presumptive GOP nominee in Vietnam.

"I think I can say with authority that the prisoner-of-war experience is not a good prerequisite for president of the United States," Butler says in the ad, which was produced by Brave New PAC, a political action committee associated with the liberal film company Brave New Films.

Brave New Films has no affiliation with the Democratic presidential candidate or his campaign. Neither presidential campaign responded to requests for comments.

Rick Santorum points out that this is going the be a "nightmare" for the Obama campaign. He's right. The mean-spirited angry left is repelling more and more Americans.

Hat tip: Bill Turk